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FC Man United Summer Cup Rules

August 2015

This tournament is played under FIFA rules as modified by USYSA and CYSA South.  All decisions and calls of the referees are final.  NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED.  The Tournament Director will resolve any situation not covered by the rules.  Only a registered team official/coach may represent a team during any official proceeding. Halftimes will be limited to five (5) minutes. Semi-final and championship games will be played until a winner is determined.  In the event of a tie at the end of a regulation time for a semi-final the game will be decided by FIFA penalty kicks. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time for a Championship game, the game will be decided by two 5 minute overtime periods and FIFA penalty kicks will take place if necessary to determine winner. 

U8-10 - 50 Minutes
U11-19 - 60 Minutes
Mandatory Team Check In
Saturday's on the Field 60 minutes prior to each teams 1st game.

Tournament Regulations : 
1. Rosters, medical release forms, player ID cards will be verified at check in.
2. Current laminated USYSA passes will be required for all players and coaches. Also travel papers for teams not affiliated with CYSA South are required.
3. Team rosters will be frozen once a team has completed check-in.
4. Team representative must submit a signed and completed game card at check-in. (Game cards will be issued at check-in)
5. Home team is the team listed first, shall provide the game ball and change jerseys in case of a color conflict, as determined by referee. 
6. You can carry a roster of eighteen (18) players with unlimited loan players.
7. Passes and medical releases will be required at all games. Game cards will be held by Field Marshall and presented to referee before game.     
8. U8 and U10 play 8 v 8 on short sided field.
9. Once your Team has received a acceptance letter to this tournament you are not eligible for a refund.

1. Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage
of play. 
2. A player receiving a caution (yellow card) may be substituted for at that time.
3. Substitutions shall be made at midfield with ten (10) yards of the halfway
line. The substituted player shall not enter the field of play until allowed by the
Referee and the player substituted for has left the field of play.
4. Excessive substitutions resulting in confusion or delay of the game are to be
discouraged by the Referee. 

1. Six (6) points for each Win. (max 10 pts. per game)
2. Three (3) points for each Tie
3. Zero (0) points for each Loss
4. One (1) point for a shutout.
5. One (1) point for each goal scored up to a max. of three (3) per game.
6. 0-0 tie will be scored as 4 points for each team (3 for tie, 1 for shutout point)
7. FORFEIT 1 – 0 (7 points, no shutout point)
8. A team that fails to have seven (7) eligible players for U11 through U17 and five (5) eligible players for U8 through U10 on the field at game time, will FORFEIT the game. If a team forfeits a game, the scores from any completed games will stand.  All games will have a 5 minute grace period.
1.  Head to head competition
2.  Goal differential 
3.  Fewest goals allowed
4.  Most goals scored
5.  Most shutout victories
6.  FIFA penalty kicks

If officials terminate a game for misconduct, the offending team may be suspended from further participation and all points previously earned forfeited at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.  Additionally, the offending teams’ league and state association will be notified.  No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted.  No person shall be permitted to appear on, or in the vicinity of, the playing site in an intoxicated condition.  No protests can or will be accepted.

1.  Two (2) yellow cards in a game equals red card EJECTION, no replacement player will be allowed to enter game.
2.  A player or coach who has been ejected will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.
3.  A player or coach EJECTED for violent or serious foul play will not be allowed to participate for the duration of the tournament.
4.  Any coach or player who assaults a referee will be expelled from the Tournament.
5.  ID cards will not be returned and will be forwarded to CYSA for violent conduct or referee assaults. 

In the event of inclement weather, call the Muddline  909-265-3395 before reporting to scheduled field.  In the event of inclement weather, matches may be shortened or cancelled at the Tournament Committee’s discretion.  If all assigned games are unable to be played the winner may be decided by FIFA penalty kicks. A reduced/modified schedule due to inclement weather is not considered a tournament cancellation.  In the event of a tournament cancellation the tournament reserves the right to retain a portion of the registration to recover tournament cost.

If accepted to participate in the FC Man United Summer Cup you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the FC Man United Summer Cup, FC Man United and California Youth Soccer Association, officials, coaches, referees, sponsors and/or representatives from any action brought about through claims, lawsuits, or any type of judgments that may arise out of any injury, physical or monetary, to members posted on your submitted game roster.


The Tournament Director has the right to amend and/or change the above rules if he/she feels it is necessary for any reason.  



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