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  • Girls Teams
  •         G06 FC Man United - Marco Polo
            G05 FC Man United - Murad Dibbini
            G04 FC Man United - Jennifer Oliver
            G03 FC Man United - Red - Steven Butler
            G02 FC Man United - Blue - Barry Steele
            G01 FC Man United - Red - Merlyn Baltodano
            G00 FC Man United - Steven Butler
            G00 - FC Man United - Red - Steve Ralos
            G99 FC Man United
            G99 FC Man United - Red - Brian Peters
            G98 FC Man United - Steve Ralos
            G98 - FC Man United - White
  • Boys Teams
  •         B07 - FC Man United
            B06 FC Man United - Isaac Valdovinos
            B05 FC Man United - Marco Polo
            B04 FC Man United
            B03 FC Man United - Giovanni Morales
            B01 - FC Man United - Red - Mike McDermott
            B01 FC Man United - Mike McDermott
            B00 FC Man United - Ryan Gonzales
            B99 FC Man United - Oscar Garcia
            B99 FC Man United - Red
            B99 FC Man United - White - Oscar Garcia
            B98 - FC Man United - Brian Peters
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  •         Marco Polo - Youth Director
            Frank Bustos - Goal Keeper Trainer
            Steve Ralos
            Steven Butler
            Merlyn Baltodano
            Mike McDermott
            Giovanni Morales
            Oscar Garcia
            Ryan Gonzales
            Jennifer Oliver
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  •         Preventing Common Injuries in Soccer
            Playing to Develop vs. Playing to Win
            The Youth Soccer Coach: Poem
            Parental Sideline Tips
            Bruce Brown - Northwestern College AD - Role of Parents in Athletics - Video
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